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About Us

Welcome to 'Twice as green', and thank you in advance for joining us help sustain this

world for “our future generations”.


'Twice as green' is a family run business that branched out from my daughter Laura’s passion to make the world a safer place for her daughter.  

You can read her story on a A Family To Follow...

Laura as an individual, made a stand and aimed to live in a chemical and plastic free home.  We followed, and  you as individuals can make this choice too. You can see where this is heading, the more individuals that make the choice, the safer the world is for 'our future generations'.


Firstly, I don’t claim to understand all of the scientific evidence behind all of this, but I do see that the benefits of going back to nature, keeping life simple and using pure ingredients to live a healthy life.  I looked back a couple of generations in my family, and found they were healthier as a whole, and I truly believe it was because they didn’t eat processed food and weren’t surrounded with as many chemicals. One of the first things I did was to change all my cleaning products by turning to essential oils. Apart from the eco-friendliness; the economical savings are amazing. Admittedly, my two daughters whinged about the different smells, but personally I love them. You can't win everyone over immediately, but I have noticed that the family have become used to them.  From little acorns, oak trees grow in time. As I used the oils more, I realized the health benefits and even my hubby who was very skeptical likes the blends in the diffuser at night time to aid with sleep. We don’t claim to be totally clean living, but we try our best. When I decided to start 'Twice as green', I wanted to capture the essence of my ancestors clean living alongside Laura’s insight, and as a result I decided to be an eco-friendly retailer, with a diverse range, not only to sustain our world but to help bring health and happiness too.


Our aim is to sustain the world for 'our future generations' and to help with this, all our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are clean and cruelty free. We are trying to be paperless, so all receipts will be emailed or text to you. If you visit our shop, we do not offer a bag to put your purchases in, as we believe that this encourages a plastic free environment.  When your order is delivered from your online purchase the packaging will be recycled, and where possible biodegradable. Our raw ingredients are either in glass containers, or biodegradable bags. (With the exception of the Palm Free Fractionated Coconut oil).  We source from local businesses and try to ensure they abide by fair trade rulings.


There truly is nothing you can't do to help our future generations!